CV. Trafo Taruna Jaya

CV. Taruna Jaya Listrikindo Distributor PLN Transformer For High Voltage And Medium Voltage And Also Provide ACC. Transformer And Panel, (Eg Panel LVMDB), Capacitor Bank, Either Cubicle Manual Incoming, Outgoing Manual, Circuit Breaker Manual, Motorised And Metering For Brand-Brand (Schneider, TRAFINDO, Starlite, Sintra) That Have Implemented ISO 9001 Quality Management And The Famous Is Always Committed In Maintaining The Quality And Accuracy In Delivery (Delevery) So That Customer Satisfaction..
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Company Information CV. Trafo Taruna Jaya

Company Name CV. Trafo Taruna Jaya
Company Details
Mobile: (+62) 82333503333
(+62) 81517445888
(+62) 85218235728

Address : Kp. Baru Paponcol, Rt. 001/004 Cibarusah Kota,Cibarusah Bekasi
Jawa Barat , Indonesia
Phone : (+62) 082333503333
(+62) 081517445888
(+62) 087879278715
Fax :
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Year Of Establishment 2000
We Sell Trafo Sintra,Cubicle Schneider,Trafo Schneider,Trafo Trafindo,Trafo Starlite,Trafo Voltra
Number Of Employee/s 20
About CV. Taruna Jaya Listrikindo Distributor PLN transformer for high voltage and medium voltage and also provide ACC. Transformer and panel, (eg Panel LVMDB), capacitor bank, either Cubicle Manual Incoming, Outgoing Manual, Circuit breaker Manual, Motorised and metering for Brand-brand (Schneider, TRAFINDO, Starlite, Sintra) that have implemented ISO 9001 quality management and the famous is always committed in maintaining the quality and accuracy in delivery (delevery) so that customer satisfaction being the most Major, with official documents and clear as long as 1 year Product Warranty, Certificate of goods and the Origin of Pabrikannya Genuine goods.
Major Products and Services:
- Transformers Sintra
- Transformers Centrado
- Transformer Starlite
- Transformers Voltra
- Transformers Schneider
- Transformers Bambang Djaya
- TrafoTrafindo
- Cubicle
- Service Transformer
- Transformer Oil Treatment
- Service Panels
- Relay
-Capasitor Bank
-Panel LVMDB